Oct-Dec ‘19 6 weeks


UX Research
UI Design


Design Prompt

Students will design a content marketing strategy for a brand or service. Produce an Content marketing app that provides genuinely relevant and useful content to a brand’s prospect and customer to help them fulfill their needs.

Design Challenge

Casper believes that sleep is the superpower that charges everything that people do. So it’s unfortunate to find out that 1 in 3 Americans adults suffer from a sleeping disorder. How can Casper teach people to prioritize and practice a better sleep schedule and refrain from a physical and mental health decline?

Design Solution

Create an app for Casper mattresses that prioritizes mental health and sleep.  Provide personalized resources, unlock badges to reveal new content and shop through curated finds so people can build a comfortable sleep cycle.

Opportunities to challenge competitors

Some apps have introduced features like guided meditations and personalized content, but you can’t measure success and good habits aren’t incentivized. Casperzzz takes advantage of this open opportunity to introduce features like gamification, sleep goals, and an in-app shop so people can successfully combat the rise of an unhealthy sleep cycle.

Alana Needs an assistant to relax her mind & body

Alana is a hardworking nurse who typically spends most of her day on foot, busy making rounds and meeting with patients. For the past year, she has suffered from insomnia and she’s noticed a decline in her mental health. She’s looking for an assistant to help her relax her mind and body so she can maintain a balance in her work and life.

User Scenario

Alana has been struggling with insomnia for the past few months. After she voiced her concerns to a friend who’s shared a similar experience, she suggested Alana to download the Casperzzz App to help her through the journey. Alana downloaded the app that night and walked through the flow below.

sketching design direction

I felt overwhelmed with the amount of features I had to design so before I started to design digitally, I needed to plan a design direction and app layout through sketches.

While analyzing competitors and researching Casper, I noticed how much graphic illustrations are common among the sleep and meditation industry. Inspired, I decided to sketch out some of my own characters where each one would represent an emotion and is related to sleep.

Feature 01: Onboarding

The in-app experience begins with onboarding screens discussing the features of the app and continues to creating an account. After, they’re presented with a questionnaire where people can identify why they’re joining Casperzzz, their current sleep cycle and identifying the emotion attached to their sleep routine.

Feature 02: Setting Personalized Goal

Create your own goal by setting a start and end date and invite some friends to hold each other accountable!

Feature 03: Resources

Filter through a variety of recommended resources spanning from guided meditations, articles and podcasts that are curated towards your personal needs.

Feature 04: In-App Shop

Shop through curated finds Casperzzz recommends you to help you sleep better and purchase items straight through the app

01. Introduction02. Research03. Define04. Ideate05. Prototype